Colorado Boudoir Photographer

Darci creates classy images that empower women to show off their sexy side.

If you would have told me when I was in middle school that I would be Colorado's Best Boudoir Photographer when I grew up, I would have laughed!  Junior high school was rough!  My mom always posts that top image in facebook as one of her favorite Christmas card images and of course the funny comments and laughs start.  That image to me is a bad reminder of how horribly self conscious and ugly I felt about myself.  I lived in a very small town in Montana and I definitely wasn't part of the "in crowd".  Sports always came easy to me so I at least had that!  Going into high school I got rid of those hideous glasses and got contacts, never got another perm in my life and started to dye my hair blonde....because everyone loves blondes right?  It was at this point I really started worrying about my looks.  I wanted attention from boys and desired love from others.  Instead of letting people truly get to know me I thought they really only would like me if I was pretty and popular.  That popularity started to roll around in college.  I still didn't feel beautiful.  Looking back at images I wonder how in the world did I ever think I was fat back then.  After my college softball days were over and my mid twenties hit...I really started packing on the pounds.  Too many late nights of drinking and not enough early mornings at the gym.  In 2008 I met Josh.  I instantly knew we were a match.  He had the photography and videography degree and got me my first digital camera our first Christmas together.  See, I had loved photography since high school but didn't want to work in a darkroom so never pursued it in college.  Fast forward to the digital age and I dreamed of being a Colorado boudoir photographer...someday.  Funny, I could find beauty in everything and everyone except the person staring back at me in the mirror.  I started my Colorado boudoir photography business in Denver in 2009 and fell in love with working with women.  I truly think that every woman that does a boudoir picture session with me is beautiful at any age, shape and years of expertise in lighting and posing will take those extra pounds off without even stepping on a treadmill!  Why is it so hard for me to see my own beauty?  After years of yo-yo dieting, in 2016 I decided enough was enough.  I needed to get over my weight.  I am enough no matter what the number says on the scale.  I have been starting to tell myself the same amazing things that I tell my beautiful clients.  My journey is fresh and new and I take it a day at a time.  As women, we are the hardest on ourselves.  We are our own worst critics.  We need to start believing that our bodies are amazing, RIGHT NOW AS THEY ARE.  I am enough.  YOU are enough.  Please give me the opportunity to show you how beautiful you are TODAY!

I am truly thankful that my clients have trusted me with such an intimate type of portraiture.  They have helped to grow my Colorado boudoir photography studio to the best boudoir photographer studios in Colorado.  I am a national award winning photographer.  I have been featured in countless blogs, magazines and news sources. My passion for boudoir grows every day and I thank each and every one of you for allowing my passion to come to life in art.